To think you are rich is a feeling doing well financially and have an upper class income to fulfill the luxury. You always remember the days when you got the first job and the hourly pay. Hustle has been a part and parcel of everyone’s life.

Those days you struggled to earn and win the daily bread will be remembered life time, though you feel wealthy now.

Earning money gradually helped you to uplift your standard of living from middle class to upper class. Let’s talk about where people from upper class set them apart from the middle class.

Luxurious Homes

For the upper class people having a huge and expensive house are their first priority. It is the largest expense one has to bare if willing to buy a nice and luxurious house.

It is always a question that do upper class people really require such a large house? It’s observed that house of the upper class has few members to live in and have wide space more than their daily requirements.

Highly Priced Cars 

men's luxury car

Another point that shows difference in both the classes is expensive cars. It is a fact that the car is a depreciating asset, so it is not a wise decision to spend more on it. It is myth that $100,000 car is different from $50,000 one. The highly priced cars have higher margins of manufactured and they try to push it to get their profit out of it.

They are aware that the rich can afford the higher priced car and would like to maintain the status symbol in the society.

Going on Expensive Holidays

The objective behind to plan a vacation is to have a gala time with your friends/relatives or with the people you love spending time with. An upper class income group prefers visiting destinations which give them stories to brag about along with the price hotel booking.

For e.g. a trip to Bali sounds more exciting and far better than visiting local spots.

Private School 

To provide the best quality education, higher income class prefers enrolling their children in private school. These schools can cost over $50,000/per year. They also ask for a donation throughout the year, which every parent has to pay.

To calculate the fees for 17 years comes to 1 million per child which really expensive. This is the biggest difference between upper class and middle class one.

Trendy Outfits

To keep the image upper class income group strive to keep themselves fashionable spending thousands on an outfit. The rich have to do this to maintain the status quo in the society and to maintain the tag of the rich.

This is beyond the understanding of spending so much behind branded outfit provided inner beauty of a person matters a lot.


From the above points we can conclude that becoming rich isn’t bad, but it is about living below your means. Saving money is important in a life that gives you the freedom to not worry about your daily spending and freedom to retire at an early age, giving quality time to family and friends which is difficult to calculate in monetary terms.